Hi there, guest of ours,

This may not strike you as a respectful welcome but it is definitely meant to be so, in a friendly vein. You are our potential guest and we bid you welcome!

Let us introduce ourselves in a few words: we are Ale van der Sluis and Janny Kamp and since 2005 we have had the privilege of living on these fine premises. After a six-year stretch of renovating and redecorating the top floor is finally finished and we hope that you will enjoy a pleasant stay there.
Emmaplein (Emma Place) is an attractive and quiet place, and number 5 is a pleasant, bright home with a cosy atmosphere.   A fifteen-minute walk past  the houseboats moored at Emmakade will take you to the town centre of Leeuwarden.
Please feel welcome, and do not forget to check out the sailing opportunities: Ale  will gladly take you out to the Frisian lakes and waterways.