Getting the hang of sailing or just enjoying being on the water

Friesland and sailing go together like strawberries and cream. We offer you the opportunity to go out on the water: Ale is a (qualified) sailing instructor and will be glad to teach you a few sailing skills. In case you are already a (more or less) experienced yachtsman /-woman, you may wish to learn how to adroitly moor a boat without bystanders (on the quay, of course) discretely sniggering …No mind to be at the helm or personally handle the jib? Then why not stay in the cockpit, with a coffee or beerenburg (a not-to-be-missed Frisian bitters) within reach and enjoy all the other boats, the wind and the water? Tying up for lunch halfway through or preparing your own meal on board, anything goes…


Rates depend on your wishes. Serious sailing instruction is best received in a ‘Valk’ type sailing boat, to be hired at your expense.  As a guideline, Anja Yachting in Grou (quite near a good stretch of water) charge
€ 77.50 a day for a boat during the high season and € 15.00 for the motor. Ale charges € 65.00 for a day’s instruction, based on the use of your own car to and from Grou.
You may also opt for pushing off in our own boat, an Albin Vega. This is not an open sailing boat like the Valk but one with a closed passenger compartment. Lunch can be prepared on board. If you are new to sailing the Albin is not really suited to your needs. It is ideal however for experienced yachtsmen and those who first of all want to enjoy the trip without being actively involved. Ale also charges €65.00 for a day in this boat, on the basis of the use of your car to and from IJlst (home port).You will have got the picture by now:  anything is possible, a sailing course or having yourself sailed around for a bit, preparing your own lunch, bringing lunch from the B&B, having lunch elsewhere, renting a Valk sailing boat, using our private boat…
Should you really consider spending some time on the water but be in two minds as to doing what exactly, make sure you call us (0031 654636578) or fill out the registration form. We will be glad to help you on your way.