Good to know

Both rooms come with TV and internet (wifi). There is also an electric kettle, coffee and tea (and yes,  milk and sugar!).  A lot of tourist information begs for your attention as well.

The town centre is really close, it is a splendid walk along Emmakade past the houseboats in the Nieuwe Kanaal .
Guests may use our bicycles, when we do not need them ourselves.  We do however ask you for a deposit in this case.
We have a dog, Kya. She is limited to downstairs of course, but it seems like a good idea to tell you anyway.
The B&B rooms are on the second floor of a tall house. That means four flights of stairs, up and down again. We will haul your bags, if we must, but we do not lug people … meaning that this location is not very well-suited for people who are not good on their legs.
Both B&B rooms share a bathroom. That means that, in the case of both rooms being taken, some consultation may be in order as to the use of the bathroom.
Parking facilities at Emmaplein are limited, with a maximum stay of two hours using a parking disc. Just around the corner however there is parking space without maximum duration. Let us tell you all about it when you come to spend the night with us.
If you have any questions left, please feel free to call or email us. Can’t wait!  (0031 654636578